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The ‘competitor’ refers to an individual entering the race. The ‘organiser’ refers to Skimo Scotland. The ‘race’ refers to an individual ski mountaineering race. The ‘series’ refers to all 6 races over the season.


The race is open to adults aged 18 or above in the following categories:

  • Individual Male (M)
  • Individual Female (F)

Special Note:
The race is also open to adults aged 16 and above if accompanied by a responsible adult. Please contact Skimo Scotland directly if you fall into this category and we will do our best to accommodate you.

There will also be a Veteran (VET) sub category. To race as a Vet, competitors must be a minimum of 50 years of age. Veterans will be acknowledged and identified in the results but will not necessary receive a prize.

Individuals who wish to race on non conforming equipment i.e. telemark, nordic or split boards are welcome to enter the Individual categories (either M or F) but must stipulate on the registration form what type of equipment is used. With the exception of skis, boots and bindings all other equipment must conform with equipment requirements.

There will be 6 races throughout the 2017/2018 Scottish winter ski season. The races will be held at 4 established Scottish ski resorts.

Each race will be as unique as possible (for example: vertical, ascent and descent with and/without a walking part with skis attached to rucksack). More information about specific races are published separately.

At the start of each race, there will be a briefing given by Skimo Scotland highlighting any last minute changes.


Competitors will be able to register online directly through the website and allocation will be on a first come first served basis. Only once the competitors name appears on the Starting List, is the place confirmed. Race entries close normally 7 days prior to race days.

Skimo Scotland reserve the right to limit the amount of competitors racing. Skimo Scotland reserve the right to refuse entry and retains the right to allow late entries.

Non holders of the Skimo Scotland racer license will be required to sign a Participation Statement on the day of the race. Holders of the Skimo Scotland racer licence will be exempt from this.

Scoring and prizes

We have changed the allocation of prizes for the 2017/18 season. With the exception of the Glenshee race, every competitor who enters and turns up to race will receive a 'give-away'. There will be no prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

We will continue with the series rankings, for personal interest, but no longer will there be prizes.

All competitors start the race at the same time and their time is taken when crossing the finish line. Place points are allocated as below:


The Lecht 2090 race format is slightly different and details about this are published on the race page.

All race times will be taken into consideration for series rankings. Competitors must compete in a minimum of 4 races to be eligible for series rankings.

With the introduction of a shorter course at Glenshee this year, for racers who have entered the shorter course points will be allocated after all racers who complete the full course. For example, if 20 racers complete the full course, the first racer to complete the shorter course will be overall in position 21.

Skimo Scotland will ensure that all race results are uploaded onto the website as soon as possible.

Race rules, regulations and advice

  • The competitor is 18 years of age or above on the day of the race. In special circumstances, the competitor may be 16 or above on the day of the race.
  • Do not stray off the course, enter out of bounds areas or leave the patrolled ski area.
  • Competitors are wearing or carrying the appropriate mandatory and recommended equipment at all times.
  • Competitors must wear their race number on the rucksack and it must remain visible at all times of the race. The race number on the right thigh is optional.
  • Stop and assist any competitor in need of medical attention and alert a race marshal/ski patrol ASAP. Ensure any injured competitor in proximity is adequately provided for before continuing.
  • Co-operate with race marshals at all times and be especially nice to them.
  • Adhere to timing and location instructions and any additional instruction given by race marshals during the race.
  • No external material assistance may be provided to competitors.
  • If racers wish to continue skiing after they have completed the course, they must remove all race numbers to ease confusion for marshals.
  • The organisers decision is final.
  • Please respect the general public. We are growing in numbers and have an impact both at registration areas and on the piste.

Encounters with the public

The ski areas are not exclusively for our use during race day. The organisers co-ordinate directly with Ski Patrol, prior to race day and on race day, and direct competitors away from the public as much as possible. We race towards the end of the day as to allow the ski resorts to naturally quieten down. However, sometimes the snow conditions will force us to push competitors amongst the public and it will not be uncommon to have competitors and the public using the same area. If you do encounter a problem, please refer them to the organisers and we will resolve the issue either then or after the event.

Eligibility for the British Championships

Non British Nationalities are unfortunately not eligible for British rankings. This has no effect on race results, series points or any race prize. For example, if Racer A (foreign National) wins the Glenshee race, they will still be the winner of the race, receive winner points for series rankings and race prizes. The first British National will be declared the British Champion.

Waiver & Insurance

The competitor is taking part at their own risk. The organisers will have no responsibility for any risk, loss or costs which competitors incur in connection with the race. Competitors indemnify the organisers and any persons acting on their behalf for any risks, damages, loss or costs arising as a result of participation in the race.

Skimo Scotland strongly urge competitors to ensure that they have adequate personal insurance which will cover them for ski mountaineering races. Skimo Scotland do not provide racer insurance.

The competitor acknowledges and understands that the race is a potentially hazardous sporting event.

Weather and conditions

All races rely heavily on snow conditions and favourable conditions on the day. Due to the nature of the Scottish ski season, these conditions can change incredibly fast and without warning. In the event that snow and/or weather conditions prove unfavourable the individual race will be cancelled. There will be no rescheduling of individual races. The organiser reserves the right to change the course at the last minute due to insufficient snow coverage.

Skimo Scotland will do its best to keep competitors fully updated as race dates approach. Both the Facebook page and the Twitter accounts will be used to notify.


Equipment requirements follow ISMF guidelines as closely as possible. These are minimal requirements and if competitors feel that they wish to carry more, the organisers have no objection to this. It should be noted that all equipment may not necessarily be required for every race - this remains at the discretion of the organisers. The mandatory equipment list will be made available at registration having taken actual race day conditions into consideration.

The mandatory equipment is as follows:
  • Ski’s with metallic edges covering at least 90% of their length, and minimal width of at least 80mm in the front, 60mm under the boot and 70mm in the rear. Ski length must be of at least 160cm for men and 150cm for women. ***
  • Binding which allow heel movement during ascents and are blocked for descents; they may or may not be equipped with security straps. The Binding-System must have a lateral and a front complete release system (the boot is completely separate from the ski). The lateral release (front part) has to be lockable manually without tool. If a Binding is TÜV certified, the locking mechanism is not necessary. Boots and bindings must be set according to the instruction for use given by the manufacturer in order to guarantee optimum working of the release systems and the best protection of bindings and ski structure. ***
    Minimal weight for skis and bindings:
    Men: 750 grams, i.e. 1500 grams per pair.
    Women : 700 grams, i.e. 1400 grams per pair.
    Mixed bindings (front part from one manufacturer and rear part from another one) are not allowed.
  • Boots (only the shell) must cover the ankles and have notched soles in Vibram. Each boot must have at least 2 independent closing systems. Boots must be designed to be used with metallic crampons. ***
  • A pair of ski poles 25mm in maximum diameter, and with non-metallic baskets. ***
  • The skins have to cover at least 50% of the surface and 50% of the length of the ski. ***
  • A rucksack with sufficient capacity to hold all the equipment required for the duration of the race, with straps for carrying skis.
  • Clothing: upper body - 3 layers that fit the competitor including a windproof layer; lower body - 2 layers with long legs including a windproof layer.
  • A pair of gloves covering the hand and wrist worn throughout the duration of the race.
  • A helmet conforming to UIAA 106 standards or CE EN 12492 standards. Helmets must be used (chin-strap has to be fastened) during the whole race (from the start to the finish line).
  • Snow shovel minimum 0.2m x 0.2m without any modification subsequent to manufacture.
  • A whistle.
  • Snow probe of 2.4m, minimum diameter of 10mm.
  • A survival blanket of minimum 1.80m2.
  • An avalanche transceiver conforming to standard EN 300718 457 kHz frequency. Each racer must wear this device under clothing in transmitting mode. It is highly recommended that this is equipped with a 3 antennas emission system.
  • Pair of crampons with a minimum of 10 points. When not used, crampons must be stored in the bag, spikes against spikes.
  • A head torch in full working order.

*** Mandatory equipment required for the Vertical races only.


Competitors are expected to be able to look after themselves in an emergency, attract attention and raise the alarm to other competitors. There will be ski patrol in attendance throughout the race. There will be race marshals throughout the race course with radios/phones. In addition, competitors are expected to go to the aid of anyone in need of attention and alert a race official. If any competitors retires from the race they must inform a race marshal at a transition point.


Competitors declare that they are physically fit and healthy enough with the appropriate level of fitness to participant in the race. Competitors are strongly advised to consult a doctor before undertaking any strenuous exercise or training programme or participating in the race.

Competitors and their equipment may be checked throughout the event and will be asked to stop if it is believed that the safety of the individual will be compromised by their continued participation in the event. If the competitor refuses to stop they will no longer be officially participating in the event and the organiser takes no further responsibility for their participation.

In the event of an accident or illness whilst taking part in the event the competitor gives permission for event officials to initiate medical attention. The competitor understands that the nature of the terrain on which the race is taking place may result in a longer medical response time in the event of an emergency.

The competitor agrees to take part in the race at their own risk and will not hold the organiser or any individual acting on behalf of the organisers responsible in the event of illness, injury or death.

Acceptance of terms and conditions of entry

The competitor understands that failure to comply with the terms and conditions listed herein may at the sole discretion of the organisers result in their disqualification from the event.

Event refunds and cancellations

One of the biggest challenges the organisers have, is the weather and mountain conditions. The organisers will endeavour to update racers regarding the conditions as honestly as possible. There will be cases when it will be very easy for us to cancel a race but there are also cases when it could go either way. Many of the racers will be local or will be in the area, and therefore we will make a very last minute decision to race or not for the benefit of these individuals. Racers travelling great distances are advised to make their own sensible decisions.

In the event of the organisers cancelling a race, racers will be refunded the entry fee minus a £5.00 administration cost. The organisers will not be held liable for any additional costs including transport and accommodation incurred by the competitor or supporters in the event of cancellation.

In the event of the organisers cancelling a race, support team meals that have been purchased will be refunded minus a £2.00 administration cost.

All competitor entries are non refundable.

Image rights

By participating in the race the competitor consents to being photographed and or be included in the filming of the event without claim for remuneration. Competitors are welcome to take photographs and film footage of their participation in the race for non-profit purposes (that is for personal and private use only).

Marketing rights

The organisers will not provide your details to any 3rd party without your permission.

Our volunteers

Please be aware that everybody involved directly with Skimo Scotland are volunteers. We continue to run the series because in some weird way we actually enjoy it. However, any kind of abuse directed to our volunteers will not be tolerated and the racer will be instantly disqualified from the race. Only with severe grovelling will the racer be allowed to race again in the Skimo Scotland race series.

Last updated: November 2017